Skills & Experience



  • Established long-term alliances with strategic partners world-wide, defining a single partner business engagement strategy for independent business units.
  • Championed multi-departmental teams that developed new processes for delivery of partner solutions through company sales channels. Solutions enabled global sales channels with turn-key development platforms, simplified and standardized partner engagement with customers, and provided a means to expand sales.
  • Identified opportunities for joint company/partner collaboration, established auto-renewing, multi-year agreements, and negotiated all key business terms.
  • Facilitated ongoing partnership reviews to ensure unity among the parties and to identify and enable new opportunities for collaboration.


  • Master Purchase Agreements.
  • Preferred Supplier Agreements.
  • Distribution License Agreements.
  • Value-Added Reseller Agreements.
  • Software License Agreements.
  • IP Core License Agreements.
  • Multi-Party Design Services Agreements.
  • Consulting Services Agreements.
  • RFQs/RFPs.


  • TechVM has experience developing and documenting the business side of the partner engagement, with a constant focus on the big picture. TechVM experience includes engaging in the following areas:

  • Finance: Revenue recognition, royalty tracking, expense tracking, taxation.

  • Operations: Development of processes for marketing, business development, sales, order processing, and product shipment.

  • Sales/Business Development: Establish long-term alliances with partners that enable new direct, representative, and distribution sales channels and leverage partner infrastructure and capabilities.

  • Legal: Risk assumption, ownership, license rights, confidential information handling, etc.

  • IT: Electronic commerce.


  • Headed monthly opportunity reviews with direct, factory representative, and distributor sales teams comprising over 100 sales engineers, documenting sales plans and forecasting manufacturing requirements

  • Motivated internal and distribution sales teams to focus their efforts on identified products through development of marketing and training materials that made the sales process more straight-forward, facilitating pre- and post-sales support, and through use of SPIFs. Efforts increased account alignment and design wins at strategic accounts.
  • Composed and led account penetration plans for strategic accounts that detailed internal business units, opportunities within each business unit, key decision makers, and critical success requirements for each opportunity. Coordinated multi-departmental responses to RFQs and leveraged development successes to expand account penetration and achieve preferred supplier status at target accounts.
  • Led customer meetings and product presentations, cultivating relationships with key design engineering, marketing, finance, and executive-level decision makers. Persuaded decision makers to make significant, long-term investment in emerging processor architectures and new software development environments.
  • Created awareness of product capabilities and increased the sales pipeline by 30 percent through online webinars, regional seminars, e-mail blasts, and partner promotional activities.


  • TechVM has experience architecting engineering project plans that bring together hardware, software, and integration partners from around the world to develop unified turn-key systems. System solutions experience includes:

  • Processors: x86, DSP, ARM, SoC.
  • Programming Environments: uClinux, VxWorks, C, C++, Assembly, VDK.
  • Codecs: G.7xx, GSM, AAC, MP3, H.264, MPEG4, WMA, WMV, Dolby codecs, DTS codecs.
  • Protocols: SIP, H.323, H.324, TCP/IP, RTSP.
  • Network Architecture: Routers, Switches, Modems, Firewalls, Servers, NASs, PCs, etc.


  • TechVM has the following design analysis experience:
  • Breaking products up by technology component and identifying ownership of each component.
  • Analysis of compiled, assembled, and linked software components for the purpose of determining license compliance.
  • Assessing and documenting license restrictions of technology components for determining reuse within the organization.