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Selling into the New England market requires extensive technology knowledge and a strong sales process. TechVM’s highly technical and experienced sales representatives deliver both, while keeping an eye on your long-term strategic roadmap to leverage future penetration. With TechVM as your manufacturer’s representative, the most technical and complex solutions are positioned and sold in the most effective manner.



  • Develop and execute lead generation activities, outbound prospecting, lead qualification efforts, and opportunity identification.
  • Articulate and present your company overview, technology offerings, and product positioning to business and technical influencers and decision makers.
  • Serve as your product specialist and business advocate.
  • Lead and influence the customer decision process.
  • Act as a resource that provides professional business and technical advice to customers.
  • Solve customer needs and long-term strategic goals with your products and services.
  • Plan, drive, and champion multi-party development programs that solve customer needs.
  • Develop proactive solutions/proposals and responses to RFIs, RFQs and RFPs to secure new accounts.
  • Process quotes, sample requests, and orders.
  • Reduce support requirements by providing first-level customer support.
  • Increase sales and market penetration, improving bottom-line business results and enabling long-term repeat business.


  • Communicate sales successes and failures, detailing product strengths leading to wins and deficiencies impeding sales.
  • Utilize your sales CRM reporting tools for opportunity visibility so you can accurately forecast sales and manufacturing demand.
  • Maintain active forecasts and provide regular reports on:
  • Prospecting and lead-generation activities.
  • Opportunity pipeline and forecast.
  • Forecasts by customer, detailing each opportunity and how your products/services fit into customer solutions.
  • POA and POS forecasts.
  • Reconcile accounts receivables, accounts payable, invoicing, backlog, and manufacturing requirements.


  • Build and maintain strong relationships with influencers and decision makers, gaining commitment to your product offerings and achieving preferred supplier status.
  • Develop account penetration plans, detailing:
  • Key decision makers and influencers for each opportunity.
  • Global opportunities at each account.
  • Obstacles for each opportunity and strategies for overcoming them.
  • Company structure, locations, and management hierarchy.
  • Customer selection process and timeline, development timelines/schedules, product release date, and sustaining engineering expectations.
  • Conduct strategic planning activities at target accounts, becoming involved in customer-confidential planning to ensure customer product and service needs are anticipated.
  • Work with sales and engineering teams to ensure they are involved in customer activities to support and close sales opportunities.
  • Manage the role of sales partners, brokering field-based sales relationships to identify and close joint sales opportunities.


  • Work with internal resources to develop target market penetration plans that detail:
  • Opportunities within target markets / geographies / accounts for existing and planned products.
  • Customer value and economic drivers that influence the customer decision process.
  • Key partners required for market success.
  • Solutions requirements, including functionality, performance, I/O bandwidth, cost models, efficiency at performing customer task, etc.
  • Competitor SWOT analysis.
  • Provide customer feedback for the purpose of improving and adapting your product offerings to reflect market needs.
  • Facilitate communications and relationships between key customers and your product line management to solidify relationships and help drive future product direction.
  • Create short/mid/long-term business plans for identifying and winning opportunities at target markets and customers